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Technology and Life Sciences

Services Overview

At KPM, we recognize that there is a broad spectrum of companies in the technology and life sciences arena from green start-ups to well-established multinational corporations.

We work with each client individually to identify and meet their unique and distinct business challenges and allow you to focus on what you do best – running and growing a thriving business.


All business strategy starts with planning - identifying value, creating advantages, understanding customer needs, and defining market opportunities. KPM’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice Group has the experience to help entrepreneurs build compelling and successful business models from the ground up.

We work hand-in-hand with start-up companies to:

  • Build and refine their business plans
  • Prepare financial forecasts
  • Determine cash infusion needs
  • Select proper capital and debt structures
  • Develop scalable business strategies

Perhaps most importantly, we help our clients evaluate and articulate a dynamic business model during the start-up phase and create a roadmap for a company’s development and, ultimately, its success.





Emerging Growth Companies

Putting a stake in the ground is one thing, but once you’ve hung your shingle out, an entirely new world of possibilities and challenges begins to emerge. Do you seek more capital to expand the company? Maybe take on a partner? Perhaps seek a liquidity event and move to the beach?

KPM is here to help our emerging growth clients:

  • Identify and respond to competitive forces
  • Access tax breaks such as R&D credits
  • Create and maintain bookkeeping and accounting systems
  • Implement budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Determine staffing and compensation packages
  • Evaluate insurance needs
  • Prepare business valuations
  • Determine business succession plans

As our clients grow and prosper, we do, too. It’s a simple formula for mutual success.





Mature Companies

The pace of innovation in the worlds of technology and life sciences demands an ever more heightened level of attention to detail, as organizations must act quickly to maintain their competitive edge. Helping our clients capitalize on that edge is perhaps the single most important thing we do. From assurance services to management and IT consulting, we enable entrepreneurs to manage change in this incredibly dynamic industry.

KPM has the knowledge and experience to help clients:

  • Obtain and structure late round financing
  • Manage business partnerships
  • Negotiate and evaluate mergers and acquisitions
  • Analyze operational policies
  • Leverage “Big Four” relationships by preparing the company internally for audit
  • Ensure tax compliance during entry into new markets

No matter what stage your business is in, KPM’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice Group has a unique portfolio of services that will help bring your business ideas to fruition.


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