Project-Based Staffing
Project-Based Staffing

KPM VIPER’s staffing services are designed to address the clear and present need for portable, project-based personnel. Our staffing model eliminates many of the traditional downsides associated with staffing agencies and independent contractors, virtually eliminating co-employment concerns and increased governmental oversight of 1099 consultants.

Our managers and staff are regular, full-time employees of our consulting practice and possess the skills, experience, and expertise to help you with your project. They can be made available as often or for as long as your requirements dictate. Our consultants are continuously exposed to new technologies, industries, standards, projects and best practices, with which to enrich your staff and projects.

KPM VIPER approaches your staffing requirements with a proven cooperative model, which means our entire team is available for ongoing advice, management and training of your staff in our core skills areas. Additionally, management oversight and quality control are always part of our client engagements.


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