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Most not-for-profits are complex and diversified organizations. Any firm worth its salt can provide audited financial statements, tax returns and UFR preparation services. KPM goes far beyond those traditional services and serves as a valued business advisor to our clients, asking the questions that can really impact your organization’s ability to thrive.

  • What’s your cost per client?
  • Have you considered a capital campaign?
  • Have you addressed the void that will be created when your founder retires in three years?
  • Where are your reserves, and why haven’t you built them?
  • Would you like us to introduce you to a foundation that we work with that provides funding to your type of organization?
  • Have you considered a debt offering?
  • Why is your tax-exempt bond costing you more than you thought, and what can we do about it?
  • Have you considered complementing your core services with new lines of business?

We ask the right questions, we care about the answers, and we work with you to find the solutions.

Many of our not-for-profit clients are subject to the provisions of Government Auditing Standards (the "Yellow Book") and OMB Circular A-133, "Audits of Institutions of Higher Education and other Not-for-profit Organizations.” The professional staff at KPM has performed hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds more) of audits under these standards.

We take a strong interest in preserving the tax-exempt status of our clients, identifying and minimizing unrelated business taxable income, proper classification of employees and independent contractors, the structure of joint ventures, fund raising activities, use of qualified Section 501(c)(3) bond financing and corporate sponsorship income. We also provide ERISA consulting, intermediate sanctions evaluation related to compensation matters, internal control reviews and governance training.

At the end of the day, the not-for-profit sector isn’t about keeping a few pro-bono clients around for PR. KPM has made a long-term strategic commitment to the non-for-profit world, and we have made it a point to immerse ourselves in the mission of social change and justice.



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